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TeleVigil Associates were invited to tender and selected to carryout security risk assessments and CCTV compliance audits for ferry company Calmac Ferries Ltd. The audits were completed by Andy “Mac” Brooks over a period of two months which included over 80 locations and vessels operating in Western Scotland and the Western Isles.

CalMac Ferries Ltd (CFL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of David MacBrayne Ltd, which is wholly owned by Scottish Ministers. Caledonian MacBrayne and CalMac are trading names of CalMac Ferries Limited. 

The company operates a fleet of 33 vessels that provide lifeline ferry services to the communities of the Clyde and Hebridean Islands. 

CalMac Ferries sail to 51 different destinations via 27 routes, operating from 51 ports and slipways and covering approximately 60,000 square miles. Their network spans some of the most spectacular coastlines and landscapes in Scotland, from Arran in the Firth of Clyde to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

CalMac operates a high quality service that is safe, reliable and affordable, focused on customers’ needs and comfort, and is committed to the highest management standards. Their aim is to be acknowledged as the leading ferry company in the UK, providing value for money, supporting the economy and protecting the environment. To find out more about CalMac please visit https://www.calmac.co.uk/.