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The UK faces a real threat from terrorism and crowded places remain an attractive target to terrorists as we have seen from recent attacks in our country and Europe. The Home Office National Counter Terrorism Security Office NaCTSO have revised and released the Crowded Places Guidance publication which has been written to enable those responsible for security in specific sectors where crowds may gather to carry out Risk Assessments, gather information about their specific location and how best to plan to deter terrorist or criminal acts, or at least to minimise their impact.

There is the potential of criminal prosecution and penalties under health and safety legislation for companies and individuals particularly when statutory duties have been met. Where sectors are regulated it is important to liaise with the respective bodies.

Reputation and goodwill are valuable, but prone to serious and permanent damage, if it turns out that an organisation has a less than robust, responsible, professional priority to protecting people from attack. Being security minded and better prepared reassures your customers and staff that you are taking security issues seriously.

Televigil Security and Compliance consultants can provide and assist organisations with specialist consultancy services to help and enable them to address and mitigate these risks.