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Aspers Casinos is the first casino operator to gain third party certification as a "Code Compliant" operator demonstrating compliance with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Code of Practice. Andy Brooks of Televigil says "It was a privilege to have been given the opportunity to advise this professional organisation, that has had the foresight to be able to promote, reassure clients and employees, by voluntarily adopting the Surveillance Camera Commissioners "Code of Practice."
The casino security and surveillance operation is base at the Westfield, Stretford, London and is the largest casino in the UK. The other casinos in the group are remotely monitored from the main surveillance control room. Technology includes high definition Video and Audio surveillance, Body Worn Video and Facial Recognition, all of which was covered within the system performance assessment and operational audit by Televigil, prior to Third Part Certification by the National Security Inspectorate - NSI. #Asperscasino #Westfield #Surveillance #CCTV #GDPR #Dataprotection #casino #securitymanagement #retailsecurity