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What is surveillance camera day?

Surveillance Camera Day is a national event to encourage a conversation about the use of surveillance cameras in modern society. The day is one of the deliverables of the civil engagement strand of the National Surveillance Camera Strategy and is a world first. Surveillance Camera Day is being organised by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s office in conjunction with the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP).
What are the objectives for the day?
To raise awareness about surveillance cameras and generate a debate about how they are used in society.
To start a nationwide conversation about how camera technology is evolving, especially around automatic face recognition and artificial intelligence and how surveillance cameras are actually used in practice, why they’re used and who is using them.
What’s happening on surveillance camera day?
We are asking surveillance camera control centres to throw their ‘doors open’ so that the public can see, first hand, how they operate.
We will be asking control centres to publish information about how and why they use surveillance cameras – the basic facts.
We are launching ‘secure by default’ minimum requirements for manufacturers at the IFSEC International Conference in London. Where manufacturers meet the new requirements it will ensure that the default settings of a product are the most secure settings possible. This means they are much less likely to be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Who’s the audience?
Anyone with an interest in surveillance cameras:
Members of the public Camera Operators Civil Liberty Groups Police forces Camera Manufacturers Camera Installers Camera system designers Policy Makers Parliamentarians